• The inn has a different atmosphere, so that guests must move around the premises carefully, exempting the hotel from any responsibility for accidents caused by the guests themselves;
  • People with limited mobility should be supervised by their companion, exempting the inn from any responsibility for any accidents;
  • Guests are solely responsible for the safekeeping of their belongings in the common areas of the hotel, and the inn is not responsible for lost or forgotten objects in those areas;
  • The inn offers safes in its rooms, so you will not be responsible for valuable objects;
  • Forgotten objects or found on the inn’s premises will be kept for a period of 90 (ninety) days, being donated after this period without any right of complaint by the owner. Valuing the privacy of guests, the hotel will not seek the guest, and the interested party should contact the guesthouse to return them, as well as the interested party must prove ownership of the property through description. Any expense of sending such goods will be borne by the interested party;
  • It is up to the guest, at the check-out to check if he brings all his belongings with him;
    Given the impossibility of thorough inspection, the inn is not responsible for goods inside guests’ vehicles;
  • Scheduled and reserved tours will be charged in full in case of cancellation or withdrawal without 24-hour notice;
  • Valuing the well-being of its guests, the inn informs that guests should behave according to customs in the common areas of the hotel, being prohibited: use of stereos, offensive behavior, use of obscene words and gestures, practices of nudism or any other acts that violate customs under Brazilian law;
  • Any damage intentionally caused by the guest must be properly repaired;
    It is strictly forbidden to smoke, use barbecues, candles and incense in the rooms, their surroundings and in the restaurant. WE HAVE RIGOR in this regard. If there is a breach, the Pousada will no longer accept the guest’s presence and will be charged a FINE in the amount of one night, time necessary for the complete deodorization of the environment;
  • We do not allow animals to enter or stay at the Pousada;
  • The guest will receive the room with all its accessories, and must keep them in the state in which they are found, under penalty of having to bear the costs of replacing them;
  • The fee of R $ 100 (one hundred reais) will be charged for each damaged towel;
  • Drinking is forbidden in the common areas. Drinks purchased outside the hostel will result in a fee for consumption on Aloha’s premises.
    The inn is exclusive for guests over 18;
  • The use of sound devices at the inn is prohibited;
  • 220V power grid;
    It is not allowed to consume drinks brought from outside, in the common areas of the inn (Stopper is charged – upon request);
  • We are not responsible for valuables left in the bungalows;
    The stay in the bungalows, as well as the use of the pool / bar is restricted to guests only;
  • Please do not leave the hot tub on when not in use;
  • The towels must be used only in the premises of Aloha;
  • Respect your neighbor by obeying the rest times, especially between 10 pm and 7 am;


Check-in – 14: 00hs;
Check-out – 12: 00hs;

Reservation change and cancellation:

  • Carnival and New Year: In case of cancellation, it will not be refundable and does not generate any credit;
  • All cancellation requests must be made in writing and sent directly to our reservations department: reservas@alohaicaraizinho.com.br;
  • Cancellations or changes to reservations more than 30 days before check-in: A 30% fee will be charged on the deposit amount;
  • Cancellations or changes to reservations 30 to 15 days after check-in: A 50% fee will be charged on the deposit amount;
  • Cancellations or changes to reservations less than 15 days, the full deposit will be charged as a penalty;
  • Deposits are non-refundable. The amount referring to the stay less the cancellation fee, will be available for up to 06 months from the date of check in, as a credit for future stay. After this date, the credit will expire;
  • Early check In: ​​We will charge 100% of the daily rate and / or package.



  • By 4×4 car: Lençóis Ceará R $ 350 per couple (Duration: 3h);
  • Boat trip on the Aracatiacu River with sunset R $ 300 per couple, including boat. (Duration: 2h and 30min);
  • ATV ride on the beach (R$ 130 / hour);
  • Special tours / dinners scheduled / booked, will be charged in full in case of cancellation or withdrawal without 24 hours notice.