Inspired by the typical bungalows of Thailand, the Aloha Village Bungalows have emerged where the rustic and the comfort go hand in hand. Moments of Peace, tranquility are in harmony with the place, whose differential is in the details and personalized service. Here we embrace the sustainability that is present in all energy generated by heaters and solar panels, as well as the green that spreads in all environments. So we take care that the Icarai of Amontada that received us, conserves the Brightness that enchants to those who visit there.

More than a greeting, it is also a state of mind where you share vibrant energies.


Romanticism welcomes and invites them to integrate with the sound of birds and the wind that blows the leaves of the plants, bringing the scent of nature. A jacuzzi invites you to relax and toast, where unique moments with two fires the five senses, whose details will be unforgettable


The proximity to nature is in the surroundings of the suites integrated with the green and rustic elements lovingly planned to give them the warmth of the Home.

The delicacy in the details make the difference and the pampering, will stay in your affective memories.